I haven’t written in a while, but to start off the new blog, I’ll talk about this new shawl I’m knitting. It’s a matter of rolling back into it.

Now, this shawl we’re talking about, was love at first sight. I was unsuspectingly visiting a yarn shop in Leuven, when it happened. I stepped outside, saw my mother -who had exited earlier- standing at the shop window looking up. And there it was the most interesting piece of knitwear I had seen all day, the Tokyo shawl from Isager.

Isager Spinni & Alpaca


I just had to bring it home! I had already three other projects on the needles (which is against my principles) but I just had to start this one. I opened the package, looked at the instructions and … frowned. The only instructions I had were obviously translated into Dutch, and aside from mentioning color A, B, C and D, which were obviously the Spinni colours, it lacked the information on what the Alpaca yarn was for. Clearly, for the amount of money I paid, a clear pattern was not included.

Ravelry saved me though, people who had knitted it before mentioned you needed to knit the two yarns together, the Spinni and the Alpaca. Eureka!

Now I’m quite a few rows into my knitting, nowhere near finishing, but enjoying it very much. It is quite an easy pattern, once you figured out what the instructions mean.

I can’t wait to show you the end result!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo

    1. had ik maar een lintmeter meegenomen tot aan mijn computer… maar k heb al zeker een hele arm- en schouderlengte (inclusief hand), dus dat kan al tellen :)


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