The shawl that wouldn’t end

It took a long time. It was a struggle to finish it. And now it is done.

Isager Tokyo Shawl

I’m glad it is over. It feels like I’ve knitted for ages on this shawl but my first post on this blog tells me that it has only been a month or so, it definitely feels longer.

I blocked it sometime last week and I’ve woven in the ends this weekend. And now I’m contemplating on what I’m going to do with it. I’m partial to keeping it, since it feels warm and woolly but it’s stil very light and shawl-y. I’m 100% sure I will never wear it as a shawl, maybe I’ll hide in it when I feel chilly. But it -most likely- will never leave the house if I keep it.

I might try blocking it properly once I’ve found a surface that will easily let me do that. Maybe then I’ll consider giving it to someone who I know will treasure it for what it is worth.

Anyway, once you understand the badly written dutch pattern, the shawl is an easy knit, suitable for knitting meetups, tv-watching and whatnot. Zero concentration needed. The only thing I’ve done is put a stitchmarker  on every k2tog on the row, so I wouldn’t forget to do that. Not that I never forgot and never had to go back and fix it. But at least the stitchmarker made me remember that I had to do something at that point in the row.

But enough about this one. I’m definitely done with it. Now I need something brighter, like the sock yarn that’s been teasing me for a whole month or the better part of the last two weeks, since I’ve gone through my stash. You’ll probably understand that I couldn’t help my self and cast on: one pair of socks (to knit on when commuting), the start of my sock yarn blanket (long term, no deadline project) and a definitely more brightly colored shawl. It’s all fingering weight yarn and exciting! More on this soon!

The shawl that wouldn’t end

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