Pixel helping me cut fabric.

Summer is a difficult period for updating my blog, it isn’t that I’m not making anything. It’s just that work turns hectic and being elsewhere than behind my computer takes priority during my free time.

That said, I want to share this with you, last weekend I had to watch over my parent’s pets, whom were very helpful in my crafting.

Harley helping me adjusting my pattern.

I’m currently working on a pair of pants. As you can obviously spot in the pictures above, it’ll be green and it’ll be cat-approved. I’ve already tried the pattern once on an old bed sheet my grandmother gave me, I’m purposefully not showing the marvellous result, I’ve adjusted the pattern a bit and now I’m on to trying it again on fabric found in the second hand store , which had been destined to become an embroidered tablecloth… not anymore!

Anyway, I’m hoping it will more or less work out this time…


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