The chocolate chip cookie craving

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

A friend asked me what I eat. Family asked me for recipe ideas and I feel like sharing today. We’ll start off with something sweet.

I must admit that I never really got into the habit of buying cookies. Even before I started eating glutenfree for health reasons. Even before I started eating vegetarian and lately more vegan cooking.
But I’ve always baked a lot. To be honest it has been handed down from my grandmother, to my mother, down to me and my brothers. Come Sunday afternoon, with some gloomy weather, you find us in the kitchen with a cup of tea making a mess with flour, butter and some eggs. I have loads of memories involving waffles, cakes, cookies and fruit pies/tartes.

Though this particular evening which was neither a Sunday, nor gloomy, I had a chocolate chip cookie craving and since I didn’t have any in my pantry (as usual) I decided to bake them. The deciding factor being that I have my oat cookie recipe scribbled on a post-it, hung at eye height on said pantry door and I know it only takes ~20 minutes to make it.

Through out the years I’ve adapted it loads of times, less sugar, no gluten and then vegan.

Recipe: oat cookies

Feeds a one or two persons craving…

  • 1 buckwheat egg (2 tablespoons of buckwheat flour + 6 tablespoons of water, let it sit for the time you need to measure the rest of the ingredients)
  • 25 grams of glutenfree flour (whatever you like really)
  • 65 grams of oats (glutenfree ones!)
  • 25 grams of sugar
  • 35 grams of vegan butter
  • A knife tip of rising agent (I use bicarbonate aka baking soda, which has no wheat flour mixed in as some of the baking powders do)
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (to cancel out the zing of the baking soda)
  • Chocolate & walnuts etc to taste.

Dump all the dry ingredients into a bowl, mix, add all the wet stuff, mix, then add the chocolate & walnuts. Make little flattened balls. Put them on a baking sheet covered tray and put them in a hot oven for 15 minutes at 180°C.

Devour them when cool enough to not burn your mouth. Warning: do not make huge batches of this, there is a real danger of wanting to eat it all in one sitting.

The chocolate chip cookie craving

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