The cardigan

Émilien cardigan knit with Katia Merino Aran.

It happened! One cardigan done! It was a super fast knit, with 5.5 mm needles, raglan sleeves and just stockinette stitch. I knit this one with quite a bit of ease, meaning it is definitely not a fitted cardigan, but that is what I wanted. I’m still unsure if I’m going to sew on buttons or sew in a zipper. But I’m considering it done.

Funny thing is, the body, sleeves and the hood knitted up so fast and when I picked up the stitches for the (button)band on front panels and the hood, I stalled. I ripped it out twice before finally telling myself that the wonky pickup stitches don’t matter. I usually twist them, so I don’t get huge holes but I hate that look on a plain cardigan. I considered knitting the band and then sewing it on, like when you steek a sweater (make a cardigan out of a sweater by sewing and cutting the front into two panels), but to be honest I’m quite terrified of putting my knitting anywhere near my sewing machine…

So it is done, and just in time for the cold weather to start arriving.

The cardigan

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