First day

I honestly missed going to school. There’s something about being challenged to discover new things and being able to share them with fellow students that has me all exited.

This year I’ll be following only one module, Tapestry Weaving, because it runs until almost the end of the school year.

If I’m completely honest, for a long time I wasn’t really excited about this module at all, that’s why I kept it until last. It would be stupid to start a module I don’t feel excited about when there are other modules that do catch my interest. Last year though, I discovered Sylvia Heyden and things changed. I think something about the way she talks about her weaving and her process, has me wanting to get my box of colour pencils out and start sketching ideas. Maybe it is the movement in her pieces that captivates me. Maybe it is her use of colour. Maybe it is all of that and more.

The new issue of Väv magazine is all about tapestry weaving and I have asked my mother if she could miss her copy for a bit, because I’ll have to read it front to back.

Considering I still have a piece on both my draw loom and my regular floor loom, I won’t be starting a tapestry on one of my looms any time soon. But I am excited about what we’ll get to learn this year. Though, Sylvia Heyden’s way of weaving isn’t on the program, nor is inlay work (like gobelin). But maybe if I progress quickly enough through the regular program, I get to pick my teacher’s brain about it.

My teacher definitely caught my interest with different sample pieces she showed us. I can’t wait to get started.


First day